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Designed for 3-8 Players, its easy to play anywhere. Ages 8+


Choose your environment and start telling a story. Create your creatures and their items to battle your friends for the limited supply of resources. Maybe you use a kraken with an aluminum fish net to stop the swarm of piranha trying to steal the the gold from your pirate vessel at the bottom of the sea. Or, possibly a rainbow salamander with knives for teeth will try kidnaping the gorilla princess from the jungles of Pluto. No matter how many times you play there will always be a new story to tell. Please refer to the table below for an overview.

About The Game by Claire Jablonski
Elements of the Game Setting or Card Number of Cards Description
Setting World Use your imagination to choose the world you want to play in. It can be in any time period, on any planet, or in any dimension.
Creature Creature Card 4w 84 Creatures are anything you can imagine. Even the strongest rank 6 card may appear to be the weakest mouse, but you never know if it might have a deadly venom.
Item Item Card 3w 24 Give your creatures items to boost your attacks. Just make sure your creatures know how to use them.
Resource Resource Card 3w 16 Are you in search of treasure or do you want something more unique? Battle it out to see who will obtain the valuables and who will run out of luck.
Brawl Brawl Card 1w 2 Do you have a bad hand? Is someone else controlling the game? The Brawl Card can reset it all.
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